Sewing with Cuddle: Guest Post by Allison Harris

I’m so happy to be here guest posting on My Cuddle Corner!  My name is Allison Harris and I write the blog Cluck Cluck Sew.  I also design quilt patterns, fabric, and I am constantly working on a new quilt!

A couple of years ago I started backing my “home quilts” with Cuddle fabrics…and they are the quilts my family uses and loves the most!


Since I back a lot of my quilts with Cuddle…I did a post here with some tips for backing and quilting a quilt with Cuddle fabrics.


Just yesterday I made my first all-Cuddle quilt using one of the fabulous Cuddle Quarter Kits.  I used the kit, Kozy Party. For the backing, I used Chevron – Turquoise/Snow from the Chevrons & ZigZag Collection. You can view it here



This was my first time sewing an all Cuddle quilt and it went together so quick and easy!  It came with very easy-to-follow directions.

I left out the batting since it’s summer, and I like the drape of the Cuddle on its own.  Make sure you have a flat large space to work on, and a large surface to sew on…Cuddle fabrics can be heavy and it’s much easier to sew with the quilt supported as you sew!


I used lots (and LOTS!) of basting spray.   With a little spray along the edges, the seams were nice and flat and easy to sew!

Make sure you use your walking foot…and increase your stitch length a touch, I increased mine to about a 3.


The great part about this kit is that the strips come pre-cut…so all I had to cut was the binding.  It also helped minimize any fuzzies on the floor, and even after cutting the binding there were very few fuzzies to clean up!


I used these Wonder Clips around the edges and while I was binding.  (You can buy them at quilt shops and fabric stores.)  They were such a huge help and I would highly recommend them!!

As the pattern suggests, I rounded my corners using a plate as a guide.  I love the look, and it’s really nice to avoid sewing those corners when possible!


I sewed this quilt together in an hour and a half and my boys love it so much…I’m starting another so they can each have one.

Thank you for joining me today at My Cuddle Corner…and be sure to leave a comment and also subscribe to this blog for more tips and tutorials for using Cuddle fabrics!


  1. Kelley H says:

    Thanks for your post! My next quilt (my 2nd), will be made with cuddle fabric! I’m excited to get started planning! Your tips were helpful, too! I love your quilt!

    • says:

      Hello Kelley!

      We are happy to know that you found the post to be helpful! We look forward to seeing photos of your Cuddle quilt! Best of luck making it and have fun. Check back with us on our blog for more tutorials with lots of tips! And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

      Cuddle Hugs,

  2. We sew and sell Shannon Cuddle as well as cottons and flannel. shannon is our favourite and our new store is full of it. Your tips are very helpful to a store owner in showing customers how easy it really is to use.

    • says:

      Hi there Jackie!

      Nice to meet you! We are thrilled that you find our tips helpful. So nice to know… Be on the lookout for more posts like this! And, you can find additional tips, trick, and tutorials, along with free patterns, on our website, too.


  3. Sharron says:

    That’s it – I’m ordering a kit right away!!!

  4. Wow Allison, excellent post! Hello Shannon Fabrics!

    Visiting from Cluck Cluck Sew. Have to say that I love the idea of using Cuddle, as a backing yes, but a whole throw of Cuddle – that would replace some of those old, tired and pilled fleece throws that my kids use. While I have petted Shannon Cuddle in my LQS, haven’t bought any and hadn’t seen the Cuddle Quarter Kits. Having never worked with stretch/knits, what a great idea to remove some of that never-done-this-before-will-I-mess-it-up-fear of cutting into fabric. With the kit one could get comfortable working with it by stitching the quarters together before we had to make a cut for binding. Fear removed, will have to look for this! Thank you for inviting Allison to post this!

    Have a blast! Glynis

    • says:

      Hello Glynis-

      You can do it! We know you can!

      It is great to hear that our post gave you the desire and confidence that you, too, can try this. It’s easy! You have to have the right fabric (Cuddle of course- smile), a few notions, and a few tips- that’s it!

      Best of luck and have fun!


  5. Allison Arvin says:

    I was disappointed to find out that the Cuddle Kits may only be purchased by wholesale customers. :( Do you know of another place that someone who sews as a hobby (like me) may purchase them? Thank you! Great post! I can’t wait to make one myself! Allison

    • says:

      Hello Allison-

      So glad you enjoyed the post!

      Yes! There are many quilt shops and independent fabric shops that have our Kits. You can email us at or call us at 866-624-5252 to get help finding a shop in your area!


  6. Does the front “cling” to the back–or does the quilt need to be tied in a few places to keep the layers from separating?

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