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Hi! This is Bia from Ms.Elaineous back again with another awesome project! You know that I love to explore other uses for Cuddle and this tote bag is no different…and it’s all about texture: Cuddle and faux leather! The final bag measures 12 1/2″ tall, 10″ wide, and 6″ deep – the perfect size for almost any trip. I used Majestic Embossed Mirage Ash from the Shannon Studio Cuddle Collection. This Moroccan-inspired fabric makes me want to hop a flight to Fez and navigate the medina in this capital city!

IMG_1140The tote is fully lined with one interior pocket (and directions for an optional second pocket) and includes tips for working with faux leather, headliner/scrimback sew foam interfacing, and Pellon Easy Knit interfacing. You can also add a small piece of vinyl flooring to the bottom to prevent that droopy-tote look!


Be sure to share pictures of your tote on Facebook. On Instagram use #cuddletraveltote – we’d love to see what you’ve made!


And, to WIN THIS BAG, comment below with the hashtag #cuddletraveltote!

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  1. #cuddletraveltote. What a beautiful & soft (pet-able…Is that a word?!) tote bag! What an awesome giveaway…and pattern to download, too!! Thanks!!

    • says:

      Hi Kelley-

      Sure– you can say pet-able! ha ha
      Now…You can travel with your tote and pet it too! lol!


  2. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    #cuddletraveltote Would love to win – thanks for the pattern, and the chance to win!

    • says:

      Hi Nancy-

      Ms. Elaineous writes great patterns! We are lucky to work with her.

      Good luck!



  3. leann moses says:


  4. cuddletraveltote, Would love to win this very, very cute bag! Could use it as a pillow on the plane when it is stuffed with goodies! Love it!

    • says:

      Hi Regina-

      I can see it used for lots and lots of purposes! Taking it to work, travel, shopping….out to dinner…anywhere… =)


  5. #cuddletraveltote! Looks like great fabric would love it.
    Thanks for the free pattern.

  6. #cuddletraveltote
    I love the subtle pattern in the cuddle fabric. This bag looks like it would be very versatile and a dream to carry. Thanks Bia!

    • says:

      Hello Kelley,

      It is actually an embossed Cuddle; It really is gorgeous. So glad you like it. Bia is really talented…


  7. #cuddletraveltote

    I love it – I would use it to carry my hand sewing projects.

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