Tassels are on trend and they’ve been popping up everywhere! So, we wanted to create something beautiful and wearable that incorporated ornamental tassels. Sew4Home figured it out for us. They featured pretty decorative tassels in this lovely Embrace® Double Gauze Crinkle Scarf and created a tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Not only will you find all the instructions to create the gorgeous scarf, you’ll learn the exact steps for how to crinkle gauze. It’s an awesome (and easy) technique you can use on so many projects.

Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf with metallic tassels

Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf so stylish

We love the Sew4Home tutorials. They’re detailed and have easy to follow instructions and lots of great images.

Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf lovely for any occasion

Sew4Home designed this sewing tutorial especially for our Embrace® double gauze fabric.

Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf makes a lovely gift

Sew4home chose the following fabric:  Make A Wish Metallic Embrace® Blush/Gold

Make A Wish Metallic Embrace Double Gauze Blush Gold

This pretty double gauze fabric is 100% cotton with metallic foil printing. It features a breathable and natural construction that becomes softer with every wash. It is suitable for swaddle blankets, apparel, baby products, accessories, and more. 

Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf with lovely tassel details

For more tips on Embrace®, click on this link: Sewing with Embrace® Double Gauze  Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf so luxurious

You can find this fabric at Fat Quarter Shop here  Embrace Double Gauze Metallic Crinkle Scarf wear it all year round

Download the full tutorial:  How to Crinkle Gauze: Extra-Long Scarf in Crinkled Embrace Metallic Double Gauze from Shannon Fabrics

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Written by ellen@shannonfabrics.com